Shiver me paint-stripped timbers

August 26, 2009

I’ve put my body through a lot slaving over the DIY Mess. I’ve wielded a heat gun while balancing atop an eight-foot ladder. I’ve narrowly escaped puncture wounds, nails lodging into the soles of my shoes and barely missing my toes. I’ve felt the sting of flesh-eating stripper chemicals on my forearms. I’ve found coal […]

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Santa Claws

June 24, 2009

Lately there’s been a mass exodus of childhood trinkets from my parents’ house to the DIY Mess. In a succession of recent mailings and personal deliveries, Mom and Dad have reunited me with a boat load of My Little Ponies, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Muppets, as well the tattered, knotted remains of the pink-and-blue afghan […]

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The sitcom that is my life

April 29, 2009
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Last month, when Dylan told me that our new pal John of Old Man Neill fame was coming over to help build the shelves for my office, I got all excited. “Cooooool. A crossover episode,” I said, TV Land dork that I am. “It’ll be like when the Fonz guest starred on Laverne & Shirley.” […]

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The Rumpelstiltskin Effect

March 10, 2009

It’s been almost a year since we bought this house, and our marriage is weathering it quite well, I’m relieved to say. We’re still having fun with our growing roster of projects. We almost never fight, and the fights we do have a pretty small-time. Garden-variety stuff, really. There’s The Hungry Fight. It starts with […]

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We have a winner!

February 27, 2009

Congratulations to contest winner Katy Rank Lev! Katy, the blogger behind Steel City Experiment, submitted this funny post about her plumbing inspection. She’s one of five lucky folks who will each receive two free tickets to the The Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show, February 27th –March 8th at the Pittsburgh Convention Center. Go Katy! Many […]

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Contest: free Home & Garden Show tickets for your funny stories

February 12, 2009
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As if winning a sixth Super Bowl weren’t enough to make this town giddy, we’re finally starting to see signs of spring—or at least a few forecasts that don’t leave us cussing out the TV. Soon, my weekend-warrior comrades, we will emerge from hibernation and start anew. Might I suggest kicking off the season at […]

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Do DIY’ers know about shrinkage?

January 5, 2009

Lately the DIY Mess has been singing us Rice Crispy songs: snaps in the living room, crackles in the kitchen, pops in the dining room. These are the sounds of last summer’s work undoing itself, contracting in the cold. Unfortunately, we did not know about shrinkage. It could be worse. Nothing has fallen off the […]

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Our first Halloween in the DIY Mess

November 4, 2008
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Halloween night, we had perfect, long-sleeve fall weather, so we sat on the front porch. Here’s a shot of us eagerly awaiting the cavalcade of costumed kiddos. We’d been looking forward to this first holiday in Casa Vitone for weeks, and the neighborhood didn’t disappoint. There was a Wizard of Oz-themed family of four, the Daddy-slash-scarecrow of whom […]

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