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February 3, 2010

Hi, strangers! After a long holiday hiatus, I’m back in the saddle and thrilled to announce that I’m a new contributing writer for The Old House Web! I’ll be posting about two articles per month, and perhaps more if time allows. I’m super psyched!

A few people have asked if I’m going to continue with this little houseblog in addition to OHW. The answer is a hearty “Hell yeah.” I’ve decided to devote this site to essays about our DIY journey and photos of our progress (latest pics here, BTW), whereas my OHW stories will focus on the nuts-and-bolts of renovation and restoration. (Check out my first article, “4 New Uses for the Tiny Clothing Closets in your Old Home,” here.)

Speaking of my obsession with organization, I’m fixing to clean up this disastrous DIY mess of a blog and ditch this bleeping iWeb template once and for all. A redesign is sure to be a time vampire, but dammit, I’m sick of envying all the cool kids with their cool blogs that accommodate fancypants stuff like italics (ooooh!), categories (ah!), and more than one photo per blog post (*wistful sigh*). Once I’ve got everything ironed out, posting should be a lot easier, so hopefully I’ll manage to do it more often. This every-other-month business is just pitiful.

Hope you’ll forgive a little more radio silence while I figure all this out. Looking forward to catching up with everyone soon, perhaps using a few fancy, italic letters. (NO MORE SHOUTING! YAY!!!)

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